Everything you ever wanted to know about resoles.

How do I pay?

1. Fill in the order form on the pricing page. 2. Send your shoes in with the order form*. 3. I'll email you an invoice. 4. Pay the invoice online with BACS, Paypal or a card**. * if you don't have a printer just included your name/email/phone in the parcel. **if you are collecting shoes from V12 you can pay in cash on pick-up.

Can I drop my shoes off?

Yes, you can drop your shoes, with a copy of the order form, into the workshop above V12.

How long will my resole take?

Check the current turnaround on the HOME page.

What is the rand repair? Do I need it?

This answer deserves a page of its own - MORE INFO.

What rubber do you use?

Vibram XS EDGE 4mm Vibram XS EDGE 3.5mm Vibram XS GRIP2 3.5mm Fiveten Stealth C4 4.2mm Fiveten Stealth Mi6 4.2mm Vibram Grip 2.2mm (rand rubber) Rubber will be replaced like for like where possible unless you'd prefer something specific. Just state your preference on the order form.

Will my shoes still feel the same?

The short answer is yes. I do everything I can to preserve the shape your feet have worn the shoes into, after an initial few climbs they should feel like your nicely worn in shoes just with new rubber and a decent edge again. The better the condition of the shoes when I resole them, the less the shape will change. Also some shoes hold their shape much better than other, for example most Scarpas and Sportivas are excellent to resole whereas Anasazis aren't so good. (If you are resoling your Anasazis make sure you catch them early.)

Can you do downturned shoes?

Yes, it's easy to keep the downturn or hollow in a shoe (Solution, Shaman etc) and is a mystery to me why some of the other UK resolers have a problem doing it! If you want me to make a downturn more or less agressive I can, just put a note in the COMMENTS section of the order form.

Can you do edgeless shoes? Genius, Futura, Speedster, Maverinks etc.

Yes. However it does take a bit more work so edgeless resole are £5 extra. WIth the wrap-over edgless shoes I don't replace the whole toe piece but join it above the sole. See the photos below.

Can you resole a shoe more than once?

Yes, you can resole shoes multiple times depending on a few factors such as the type of shoe and how early they have been resoled each time. However I only resole shoes that I have resoled first time as its too hard to do a good job when going over someone elses work.

What if my resole starts to delaminate?

If you have any problems with your resole get in touch and I'll normally sort it out for free as soon as I can. The most common problem is the new sole starting to peel off, if this happens it's important to fix it as soon as possible otherwise the peeling section will wear very quickly.

Can you resole my winter boots, approach shoes, ski boots etc?

At the moment I'm only resoling rock shoes.